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Ecensar Ltd is focusing on seamlessly smooth e-commerce transactions.

The emergence of mobile phone provides individuals, businesses and governments access to the world in their palms and this provides opportunities to execute transactions at anytime irrespective of location. The adding-on of internet access onto mobile phones is creating a synergy effect, where most users of mobile phones are beginning to show interest in the use of internet base applications on their phones and this is expected to lead to an increasingly internet friendly population that is ready for an e-commerce market society.

This potential provides exciting business opportunity within the ICT industry in Ghana today especially with on-line trading.

Since the introduction of internet and mobile phone technology in Ghana, the ICT industry has seen progressive government support, investment, interest and usage year-on-year. As at 2013 an estimated 26 million plus people use mobile telephone in Ghana and this in no doubt provides enormous opportunity for ICT business in Ghana

Pawapin is an e-commerce platform that allows, support and promotes trading online.

Our main target is to work closely with SMEs to harness their potential within their locality whiles creating exciting business opportunity for Ghanaians.